When Dr. Keith F. Ogawa uses our perio ultrasound air polishing in Lake Oswego, Oregon, you get a clean unlike anything you have ever experienced. This gentle method allows our dentist to more thoroughly and quickly clean and repair your teeth to help restore your smile.

Normally, when a dental office offers air polishing treatments, they usually use a technique called “air abrasion.” This cleaning method uses concentrated blasts of air with particles of cleaning agents to remove corrosion. The problem with these types of treatments is that they do not treat the cause of dental decay: bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth creates what is called a “biofilm” over the surface of your teeth and beneath your gums, which produces an environment in which bacteria thrive. That is why dental decay keeps happening and dental issues continue coming back.

Our office uses a method called perio ultrasound air polishing, which we consider the “gold standard” of dental cleaning. Rather than using air abrasion, this treatment uses a smooth glycine solution to provide a more thorough, faster clean. Described as the most comfortable clean you can get for normal and periodontal dental cleanings, this treatment changes the environment of your mouth not only on the surface of your teeth but beneath your gums. This way, bacteria will not cultivate or return for longer periods of time. Not only does this help your entire oral health, it also helps prepare you for procedures such as dental implants. This disruption of bacterial growth lowers the risk of infection and promotes healthy healing. This way, you can enjoy a healthier, happier smile for as long as possible.

If you have any questions about this service, we invite you to learn more by contacting us at 503-636-4069 or scheduling an appointment with Contemporary Dental Health.