Teeth Whitening

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Dazzling, white teeth are the hallmarks of a stunning smile. Unfortunately, age, genetics, certain medications and lifestyle choices can discolor your teeth and mar an otherwise beautiful smile. When you’re not confident in the appearance of your smile, you may feel self-conscious or even embarrassed in social and professional interactions. Fortunately, the professional teeth whitening services at Contemporary Dental Health can help to significantly brighten the shade of your teeth and boost your confidence.

If you’d like to learn more about our teeth whitening services, call 503-636-4069 to schedule a personal consultation with experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Keith Ogawa. Contemporary Dental Health welcomes patients from Lake Oswego, West Linn and Portland, Oregon.

Our Professional Teeth Whitening Services

The in-office whitening treatment at Contemporary Dental Health is quick and effective. Sessions typically take less than an hour and can whiten your teeth several shades in one sitting. Since the powerful whitening gel is professionally applied with custom-fitted trays, contact with your gums and sensitive oral tissue is minimized, making the procedure completely safe, comfortable and effective.

teeth whitening session with Dr. Ogawa and dental assistantOur at-home whitening option delivers exceptional results and can be conveniently performed in the comfort of your own home. We take impressions of your teeth and make custom bleaching trays that keep the gel on your teeth and away from your gums. At-home treatments are performed once a day for less than 30 minutes.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Studies show that people with clean-looking white teeth are more likely to get hired, get raises and get dates than those with dull and dingy smiles. Your teeth are often the first thing people notice about you, and having a healthy, bright and beautiful smile can make better first impressions and allow the real you to shine through.

Some of the benefits of a bright white smile include:

  • Propensity to smile
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved social interactions
  • Success at work

Store-Bought Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Whitening

There are several benefits to choosing professional teeth whitening services over store-bought alternatives. One of the most notable advantages are the quality of whitening gel and application trays. Drug store kits only cover a portion of your teeth and do not provide adequate consistency. Results from store-bought kits cause excessive solution-contact with gums and soft tissue. The results are uneven and often uncomfortable.

Take-home kits from Contemporary Dental Health come with customized application trays, precisely fitted to your unique teeth. This enhances results, reduces discomfort and helps ensure your total satisfaction.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

The take-home whitening kits purchased at your local grocery can often damage your gums and cause discomfort. This is because of the one-size-fits-all nature of store-bought application trays. On the other hand, the professional teeth whitening kits provided by Contemporary Dental Health are custom-fitted to your unique teeth, minimizing the contact of the whitening gel with your gums and maximizing the contact with the surfaces of your teeth. This means that you get better results with less discomfort during and after your treatment.

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