Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Cavities can arise despite your best dental hygiene practices. However, just because you get a cavity, it doesn’t mean that the appearance and structure of your tooth need to be significantly altered. At Contemporary Dental Health, experienced dentist Dr. Keith Ogawa uses safe, effective tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities. This allows him to maintain the structural integrity and natural-looking appearance of your tooth.

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Natural-Looking Tooth-Colored Fillings

professional man smilingWhite composite fillings, often referred to as tooth-colored fillings, are an essential element of exceptional cosmetic dentistry. Tooth-colored fillings provide a number of benefits over metal amalgam fillings, including:

  • Aesthetics: White fillings are color-matched to your natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly metal restorations marring the appearance of your smile.
  • Mercury-free: Tooth-colored fillings contain no mercury. Some studies suggest that mercury in fillings can be bad for your heath.
  • Does not change with temperature: Temperature fluctuations do not impact the composite material in whit fillings. This prevents the fillings from falling out, becoming loose or damaging your teeth.
  • Placement: Tooth-colored fillings bond to your tooth and require the removal of less natural tooth structure. This allows Dr. Ogawa to preserve more of your tooth structure and strengthen your tooth.

Whether you need to fix a cavity or replace old metal fillings, Dr. Ogawa can discuss your options for restoring your teeth to optimal health and strength.

Disadvantages of Traditional Metal Fillings

For a number of years, metal dental fillings were the only option for treating cavities. Now, whether placed on their own or as part of a complete smile makeover, replacing metal fillings with white fillings is a commonly sought-after procedure.

Metal fillings are no longer common for a variety of reasons. Metal fillings require a significant amount of your natural tooth to be removed for their placement. This removal of natural tooth structure from a tooth that is already compromised by decay can further weaken it, increasing the risk for it to break, chip or fissure.

Additionally, the metal used in amalgam fillings is not resistant to cold and heat fluctuations in your mouth. As temperatures change, amalgam fillings contract and expand, placing pressure on the inside of your tooth, making it more likely to suffer structural damage. Contraction and expansion can also cause a filling to become loose or fall out completely.

Even without the added risk of functional disadvantages, metal fillings just don’t look good. They are unsightly and detract from the attractiveness of your smile.

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